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  Los Angeles Area Attraction Tips  

Map of things to do in LA and Southern California attractions to visit.

Disneyland Fast Passes can save your 4 hours.

Make sure you get Fast Passes for these 4 rides in this order.

1. Splash Mountain - you will want to ride early in the afternoon while it's still warm in case you get wet. If you get this fast pass later in the day you may have a late p.m. start time and may have to wait 2 hours for your next Fast Pass depending on crowd conditions. I always ask to ride in the back of the boat and never get soaked.

2. Indiana Jones, should be your second Fast Pass but watch the clock as these run out fast.

3. Space Mountain. You can ride this anytime after your fast past return time and you can get your next one about 1.5 hours later, or sooner if you arrive early.

4. Big Thunder Mountain - this is not as popular as the other three rides so the Fast Passes don't run out as quickly.

Some people that arrive after 10 a.m. (the time when California Adventure opens) start the day by going over to California Adventure and getting a Fast Pass for Soarin' over California or Grizzly Rapids since they are close to the park entrance. Then they head over to Disneyland and get more Fast Passes. Since the Fast Pass systems in both parks are not connected this works well if you’re Park Hoppin. In between Fast Pass rides you can go on the Matterhorn and other rides.

California Adventure Fast Passes (Save 4 Hours)
The four main rides you need to go on at California Adventure are.

1. Tower of Terror - this is one of the top 3 rides.
2. California Screamin' - a very fast looping roller coaster with 48" height restriction because of the loop.
3. Soarin' Over California. If you pick a fourth ride it should be Grizzly Rapids but make sure you want to get wet or bring a poncho. These four rides combined with the four from Disneyland mentioned above are the main attractions you should ride.

Once you have your fast passes collected at Disneyland you will have some down time while you wait. This is a good time to go back over to California Adventure and use your first Fast Pass. It's probably the early afternoon by now and the hot part of the day so this is when you rest up and see some shows and plan on which night time shows you want to see and when. On crowded days make sure you get your hand stamped if you’re “hopping” between parks, even if you have an Annual Pass.

If you plan ahead you can avoid waiting in long lines or even worse getting locked out. If you’re going two or more days you will be tired the second day so you may not be able to get there as early, unless your staying in a hotel. I've even seen people use Fast Passes from the day before, by holding their thumb over the date and using them at night. ;) And don't forget to ask for a Standby Pass or “Stroller Pass” if you have a person in a wheel chair, young child or a child in a stroller even if they are able enough to go on the ride but don’t want to ride at that time.

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  Use our California map of more Los Angeles attractions near Disneyland inclucing dining, attractions and amusement parks. And don't forget to download our Free Disney discount and savings guide for the best tips and tricks for making the most out of your Disney vacation.

Time Saving Tip
Weekends get very crowded at Disneyland especially after 5 p.m. when nearby O.C. residents get off work. Many people want to go to see a show or just get on one ride. Many people just go to have dinner at Disneyland or Downtown Disney. Entering the park through the monorail entrance at the Disneyland Hotel is one way to get into the park and by-pass the crowds. You will need your ticket or annual pass to get on the monorail which arrives every 10 minutes. You can avoid waking all the way to Tomorrowland if you take this ride.
Southern California Attractions   Los Angeles Attractions
Disneyland   Universal Studios
Check out the most popular attractions in Southern California, Disneyland and California These amazing amusment parks are filled with magic the whole family will enjoy, so don't miss out on the happiest place on earth and share an experience you will never forget.  
The perfect vacation includes a trip to Universal Studios. Save hundreds of dollars with the Southern California City Pass, click this link to extend your vacation and purchase your City Pass today
Legoland California   Aquarium of the Pacific
Located in Carlsbad California Legoland California with it's new Sea Life Aquarium is a popular destination for families with young kids. With first class rides and restaurants nearby.  
The Aquarium of the Pacific is a great attraction. Swimming pools full of entertainment. You may never want to leave to visit the Sea World, don't worry one Aquarium is located near all of the other California attractions so you can see them all.
Knott's Berry Farm   Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Knott's Berry Farm is a thrilling amusement park with lots of rollercoasters the whole family can enjoy. Knott's Berry Farm has a range of attractions from toddeler rides to as fast as they get roller coasters.  
Visit Palm Springs and ride the Tramway to the top of Mt. San Jacinto, and then have dinner at restaurant on top - Very Fun.
San Diego Zoo   Catalina Island
The San Diego Zoo is a great attraction. You may never want to leave to visit any other zoo, the zoo is located near many other California attractions so you can see them all.  
Not an Island Another World. You will find that Santa Catalina Island is just a short cruise away from Long Beach and LA. Stay over night at one of their many resorts and lodges.
Sea World   The Getty Museum
Sea World is one of the most popular places to learn about aquatic animals. There are several shows featuring the wolrd famous Shamu and new rides and attractions.  
One of the most amazing things to do while in Los Angeles is to visit the Getty Museum and Villa in Malibu. You will not be disapointed unless you don't make required free reservations online to visit The Villa.
San Diego Safari Park   Hearst Castle
San Diego Safari Park has made lots of improvements lately. Ride the new safari tram or take a balloon ride. You can even stay over night at Camp Snore and Roar.   Not on the way to anywhere Hearst Castle is a once in a life time trip. Click the link to plan your visit and take one of the many tours available.
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